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welcome to bioinformatics@usc

vpthumb.pngThe idea of building a web platform that would give support to the bioinformatic efforts carried out by our group settled at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela led us to the creation of this portal, with the technical support of the Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia, and using Joomla! as our online content management system.


snpforid.gifSPSmart is a search engine that allows its users to access different statistical data (allele frequency, minor allele, heterozygosity or Fst) of different genotyping databases containing populational information (HapMap, Perlegen, CEPH or SNPforID). Each database is preprocessed, facilitating any populational query.

web resource: http://spsmart.cesga.es/


tabler.giftabler is a transformation script for data present in specific columns of one or several files, generating a resulting table from the representation of two data ranges and their crossing. With one or more data files is able to extract indicated columns and present them in an easier to use table format.

The windows installer and the source code are available.

Genotyping Data Filter

gdf.gifThe Genotyping Data Filter (GDF) is a powerful script that processes genotyping platforms outputs. It is able to find relevant information such as errors, and to transform these output formats for later analysis tools. More information is available on its own help page.

web resource: http://bioinformatics.cesga.es/gdf/


minilims.gifThe mini Laboratory Information Management System is a collaborative web tool that appeared as a necessity for our team to deal with the data from our sequencing projects, anything related with projects and experiments, including files that should be able to be uploaded and retrieved.

web resource: http://bioinformatics.cesga.es/minilims/